Filters, cartridges, baskets and metallic grids

All of these filters are made to measure, from prototype to mass production.
– Metallic woven mesh, stainless steel, steel, brass from 3µm to 10 mm
– Perforated sheets, SS304, aluminum, steel, brass from 0.5 mm to 25 mm
– Expanded metal SS304 or SS316, steel, brass from 80µm to 20 mm
– Metallic wire SS304, aluminum, steel, brass from dia. 25µm to 10 mm

Assembly by pleating, folding, laser cutting, welding, gluing, rolling & embossing, in accordance with the know how of our partners

–     Pleated cartridge
–     Metallic filter
–     Mounted and punching grids
–     Filtering baskets
–     Tailored filters made on demand


Air Filters, Oil and Fuel

Made of paper or polypropylene largely with installed metal lining or perforated metal. The filtration and diameters vary according to standards (mesh 0.1µm to 500µm).
–       Dust removal cartridge
–       Hydraulic filter
–       Fuel filter
–       Oil separator
–       Maintenance filters / ATEX


Filters and cylinders for extrusion

Capable to resist at strong operative pressure, the filters for rubber, plastic and aluminum extrusions also have the power to combine the matter at the time of filtration. Diameter of the filters from 5 mm to 650 mm composed of one or several woven mesh assembled by electric welding.Filtering cylinder.

Square weaved or material Reps for strong compression and compounding.These filters are used in alimentary extrusion as well (pasta and soaps).
– Grill/grating cut and mounted
– Extrusion filters
– Laser cut
– Filtering cartridge


Laboratory Filters and Stainless steel grids

All these filters are manufactured following the ISO norm 3310-1 for the industrial or laboratory filters: (25µm to 10 mm)
Diameter 100 mm to 450 mm, with SS304 stitching.
– Laboratory filters
– Stirring filters


Water Treatment

The full filtration set for urban networks or central treatments/conducts. Stainless steel filter from 1 µm to 1 mm and polypropylene cartridge from 0.1µm to 800µm

– Porous filter of 0.5µm
– Pocket filter + Body of filters all in SS304 or 316
– Filter multi cartridges


Auto-cleaning Filters

Capacity from 10 to 1200 m3/hour with or without automatic cleaning.
Filtration from 25µm to 2 mm with SS304 cartridges or media polypropylene or separator in metallic knit. Body of the filters all in stainless steel.
Auto washing cycleor programmable with mode « water economy »

–   ATEX Norm on request
– Study and realization complete
–   Automatic filtration system
–   Filter with bags ( 0.1µm to 100µm)


Synthetic and molded cast filters

Made from molded casts or plastic pumping or rubberon synthetic, paper or metallic medias

Mesh from 20 µm to 5 mm. Joint filter.

– Filter cast with study of injection molds
– Cut synthetic grids

Molded cast grid,metal or synthetic (PP, PU, nylon..)